Our Motivation

There has been an alarming increase of radicalization in political life. After the vote for Brexit and the election of Trump, however, we must not remain in shock. There are going to be held presidential elections in the Netherlands on 15 March 2017, in France on 23 April 2017, and in the autumn of 2017 the Bundestag election will take place.

Our aim and contribution

We are convinced that the majority of people believe in the fundamental idea of the European Union and its reformability and development and does not want to sacrifice it to nationalist tendencies.  Nothing less than the protection of an alliance, which secures peace and guarantees individual freedom, justice and legal security are at stake.

Unfortunately, mostly negative and destructive voices are heard in public!

Therefore: Let us become louder and more visible!  We all must now send out positive energy against current tendencies. The European pulse must be felt everywhere!

Everyone is responsible for the failure or the success of our future, no one can make excuses. To hope, everything will go well, is not enough and even dangerous.

Now, before the elections, is the right time to do one´s best – with as many people as possible, and in as many places as possible.

We have a big goal: to gather as many people as possible in Europe, who stand for Europe, and are able to support pro- European forces after the elections. Thus we can form a human chain all across Europe connecting Germany, France and the Netherlands.

We are meeting every Sunday in several European cities: Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Köln, Freiburg, etc. Check out the language versions of this website for a full list.

We hope that many places can be added soon!

Come on, take the European flag and blue ribbons, bring your friends and family, and motivate your colleagues!

Our self-image

We would like to emphasize that Pulse of Europe is a citizens’ initiative that does not pursue any political party’s aims. On the contrary: diversity is good, and the European idea can be realized in many different ways, which will be agreed on during elections.

We are not against, but for something. This is not the time of protests. It is time to stand up for the foundations of our community with shared values in the positive sense.

The basic principles of the Pulse of Europe can be found on this page “About us”.

Please pass on our appeal to as many people or institutions as possible, spread it via your networks, be active – we look forward to sending out joint positive energy for Europe.